Charity Support

Helping the community come together.

Not only do we at Network Xpress pride ourselves on being a unique B2B marketing opportunity for small businesses, but we also gain a huge amount of fulfilment from local charities.

Net XP Hurstpierpoint - Kangaroos CharityIn August 2015, Net XP raised £500 for Kangaroos in Haywards Heath – a fantastic charity running out of school activities in Mid Sussex for children with severe learning disabilities. They have been helping families since January 1994 and rely mostly on donations to keep running, especially since many of their projects have absolutely no local authority funding.

Each year we try to support a chosen charity, as we recognise the importance of the community supporting one another - businesses and charities alike. Sonny Cutting, founder of Net XP, has personal experience of the benefits of the community coming together after the life changing diagnosis of his wife with multiple sclerosis and the impact it had on his family. He said: 'My wife's diagnosis was the moment I realised how each of us could help one another', which in turn, influenced his charity work.

2017 sees a new charity awarenerss program for CHEC (Chailey Heritage Enterprise Centre).