Net XP - A Fresh approach to Tradeshows

Network Xpress is a new concept in business marketing and networking across the South East.

Trade shows are an important and reliable platform for delivering business leads to your organisation. It also levels the playing field when you're exhibiting with other larger organisations amidst B2B marketeers. The whole point of trade shows is to give the prospective clients, delegates or prospects a chance to get a good look at the new offerings in the market place.

Trade shows are the source of some of the best quality leads of a company. Numerous companies still follow the practice of exhibiting at trade shows year on year, due to their benefits. Net XP is a new style of tradeshow which delivers "the power of marketing" across all industry sectors by having keynote speakers who align themselves with best marketing practices, like the Net XP Sussex event in March at the East Sussex National.

The opening and closing keynote speakers for the 16th March event live and breathe digital marketing and are sure to inspire you to take on board B2B marketing strategies for the growth of your business.