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All of our events provide valuable business networking opportunities, brilliant keynote speakers and interesting seminars, inspiring and motivating delegates to make the most of your day.

B2B Events with a Twist!

Net XP’s first-ever corporate conference was held in August 2015.

It was here Sonny introduced the game theme. Companies loved the idea of a game to play which broke the ice and enabled easier conversation. In early 2016 Net XP started to introduce tech into events with high-quality video, professional photography, VR and much more.

After the initial success of Net XP’s first big event, Sonny wanted to connect with even more businesses to gain a foothold in the marketplace. He soon recognised further adaption to people’s need was the answer to this.

From this point onwards, Sonny adapted each event with a gamification process which allowed users of the website to play games, register points and win prizes. The brand and concept are exciting. Net XP is an immersive experience, real fun and invaluable for forging genuine connections with other businesses.