How it all started....

by Sonny Cutting

Though born in South London, Sonny Cutting was a Brighton local from the age of 16 and has lived in Hurstpierpoint for the past 17 years. Today in the sleepy little village of Hurstpierpoint, he lives with his wife, Andrea and their four-year old twins, Jack and Charlotte.

Sonny is the managing director of Sussex Pages, The Business Marketing Network, a local digital marketing company which he set up after leaving BT as a new media specialist after 8 years of service. Inspiration struck in the midst of running Sussex Pages. Sonny was invited to a business conference in Haywards Heath in 2015 and was simply not impressed. The business conference felt tired and lacklustre – no doubt encouraging the epiphany about tradeshows and conferences that then came to him. In January 2015, Sonny created a small networking group which worked like a mini conference with speakers, guests and members that met once a month on a Saturday morning in Ardingly, West Sussex of bringing together 15-20 business people every month to network, make connections and ultimately, this was the humble beginnings of the Network Xpress brand and vision.

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We’re bringing the principles of gamification to the B2B trade show for the first time. Every one of our events is themed around a popular, universal game, to break the ice, to get people talking quicker, and to encourage every delegate to bring their real self to our events. Because the real you is more authentic and more likely to close a sale.

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