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3D Media Showcase

Imagine a future where you can be immersed in a room from the comfort of your own home. Imagine a future where you can visit an exhibition again to remind yourself of the name of a distinct stand. Imagine if this technology wasn’t far off in the future as you thought, but at your fingertips right now…


Net XP has brought the excitement of tech into the present with 3D Media, offering a panoramic 360° view of the East Sussex Expo on March 21st to maximise exhibitor promotion and networking opportunities. The company captures every detail of a room with spherical 2D panoramic images, affording all around, up and down views that obey your command..

3D Media and Net XP’s paths crossed at a Platinum Networking Event in Brighton. Sonny, from Net XP and a total tech-fan himself, knew both exhibitors and expo guests would benefit from the technology at hand. Having a panoramic 3D tour, even after the event itself, is a way to promote your stand and jog the memories of your visitors. An interactive directory, individuals can zoom in on your logo and be linked to your website with just one click.

3D Media Solutions
, based in East Sussex, are an up-and-coming tech company, designed to transport the imagination of viewers to the destination on the screen; the next best thing to being there. The tours can be viewed on your mobile whilst you’re on the move, on your tablet for the lazy Sunday afternoon, on your PC for sharing with your work colleagues, or even in virtual reality if you are the tech-kid on the block!

The company note every detail of space with the latest and greatest in innovative technology. The longevity of their work with Net XP will be immortalised on the Net XP site, for all exhibitors, visitors and guests to access. Not only do these tours provide exhibitor promotion for past events, but it also provides a platform for future exhibitors and guests to see what is in store for them. Net XP is thrilled to have begun their VR journey with 3D Media and look forward to what is to come.

Written by Sonny Cutting, Events Director, Network Xpress

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