Sponsorship for exhibitions

by Sonny Cutting

Running an event involves a lot of prior planning to ensure you get it right on the day. This is no truer than with exhibitions. There’s a whole host of factors to cover, including (but not limited to): keynote speakers, choice of venue, catering provisions, event dates & exhibition literature. And what’s more is the organisers also have to put the time into source the right kind of quality exhibitors for the events, as well as then promote it to potential visitors, all months in advance.

That’s why finding suitable event sponsors can be absolutely integral to the success of an exhibition. It’s important to secure the backing of a number of stellar and trusted businesses within the local community, in order to really build the profile of the exhibition and help it on its way to success. Furthermore, sponsoring business events holds massive benefits not only for the exhibition organisers but also for the sponsors themselves.

We're on the lookout for the following THREE sponsors for 2020 - EVENT SPONSOR, GAMES SPONSOR AND REFRESHMENTS SPONSOR - As the other sponsors have all renewed for next year - Net XP does things slightly differently to other expos, in that Sponsors sign up for 12 months, not an event at a time. This gives a much better long term business relationship, builds trust and commitment from all parties involved.
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There are a plethora of positives on offer to a business that decides to engage in event sponsorship. And the beauty of exhibition sponsorship is that there are more often than not varying levels of involvement. These range from packages such as a lanyard, keynote or t-shirt sponsor – perfect for those dipping their toe in expo sponsorship – right through to the prestigious event, print and media sponsor packages. This is an incredibly accessible platform for businesses old and new to get involved in busy and exciting exhibitions, that often attract a large level of attention in the regional business world and beyond.

What’s more, not only are you supporting an event when you commit to a sponsorship agreement, you are in fact also showing belief in the local business community and highlighting your willingness to collaborate with other companies. Businesses need to work together to create a sustainable landscape for everybody, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through supporting business exhibitions.

In summary, sponsorship is a fantastic cooperative opportunity for businesses of all sizes: not only for raising the profile of the sponsor but for promoting growth across the surrounding business area. More businesses attending these events means more opportunities for success for your business. All of Net XP’s events provide valuable business networking opportunities, excellent keynote speakers and interesting seminars, inspiring and motivating delegates to make the most of their day. If this sounds like something you want to get involved with, we would love to hear from you. Call Sonny Cutting, Events Director on 01273 833 222 for a discussion.