Brand Ambassador Network

Network Xpress is all about networks; networks of advice, networks of like-minded people, networks of business… Now we’re building another network – that of astute business entrepreneurs who enjoy what we do as a brand. Our Net XP advocates go above and beyond, promoting our unique business to local companies across Mid, West and East Sussex.

Our Brand Ambassadors are those who embody who we are and what we stand for, people who talk about Net XP in a positive way, representing the brand to potential new targeted customers to increase awareness, create a true image, generate sales opportunities and build customer preference.

Why does Network Xpress use Brand Ambassadors?

The Net XP brand works differently to other more mainstream B2B tradeshow, conference and exhibitor type companies, developing an organic and natural growth hub of influencers and advocates of the brand to help its growth in the marketplace. Moreover, loyal customers often engage in positive customer behaviour, and in turn post positive and rave reviews to social media and search engine sites like Google and Bing which helps enforce the brand.

Brand Ambassadors foster trust in our market place, drive new customers to us and add a positive vision to companies who may not know us online, helping us remain insightful and reach out to all.

A Net XP Brand Ambassador is someone who personifies the brand he or she is endorsing. They provide credible, trustworthy promotion and visibility to our business through business networking and social media marketing, and they are trusted professional consultants who work in partnership with Network Xpress.

Advocates are also given special rates for events, VIP access and exclusive perks. Would you like to know more?

Our first Brand Advocate of 2018 is > Sabreen Qureshi-Hitchens, Chartered Physiotherapist

Sabreen Qureshi-HitchensSabreen Qureshi-Hitchens, Chartered Physiotherapist

Sabreen is a Chartered Physiotherapist of 26 years who is passionate about stopping you getting into pain by optimising sitting posture with a DSE Workstation Assessment; optimising position on the bike with a Clinical Bikefit; improving posture, core strength and control of movement with Clinical Pilates 1:1 Studio Sessions & Pilates for Posture Small Group Workshops.
Based in Hove, East Sussex