9 Essential Social Media Facts

by Darren Moat

Today social media is a key marketing tool for any business; it can help you reach new customers or help you make more money from existing customers. Even though social media is a relatively young industry, its impact in marketing has been incredible – there are more people using social media than those that own a toothbrush for example. Check out these useful facts concerning social media for businesses and how they might be able to help shape and improve your marketing.

1. 56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored.
Today many people will go to Twitter when they want to complain, ask a question or rave about their new product yet so many tweets about companies are being ignored.
If you are on Twitter, make sure that you thank, compliments or retweet them, answer questions or ask for feedback by email for complaints.

2. Companies ignore 70% of Facebook questions.
If you think it is bad on Twitter, Facebook is worse – with only 30% of questions on company pages answered!
Answering customer questions on Facebook is a really powerful customer service tool – you can provide real time responses, enhance brand sentiment and even get someone to convert from a potential customer to a brand advocate! Many brands are ignoring these questions – this can be more damaging for your brand than answering a question you would rather ignore.
With only 30% of questions answered, this simple change can help you to be in the top 30% when it comes to customer service on the world’s biggest social media platform.

3. 71% of consumers that receive a quick brand response on social media are likely to recommend that brand to others.
Not only should you answer questions but try to do so in a timely manner – it will help improve the likelihood of them recommending you, and as 90% of people trust word of mouth recommendations this is something not to be ignored!
It is not possible for all companies to be able to afford 24/7 social media management so either put times in bios when enquiries will be handled or sign off each night so that people know when you are available. For office hours set reasonable response times, with others able to manage social media accounts when off ill or on holiday.

4. 74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions.
Today with the world of online shopping, social media is a great way to see what others really feel about a company or product, or ask specific questions about a product. This is a very clear reason why you should engage with people online.
People are more likely to buy something if they have seen their friend share a link about it or shared a photo of their new purchase – consider how easy it is for customers do to this as it might help your customers grow your purchases through social media without the need to use Facebook advertising.

5. Emails with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%.
Social media should not be a standalone tool but one that helps your other channels excel. By adding social share buttons you can increase the reach and click-throughs of your email campaigns significantly.

6. 80% of Pinterest users are women.
If you are a brand or business that has a large female audience, Pinterest is a powerful platform for you, with almost half of all women online using this platform.
Food, fashion, beauty and craft brands should join this platform immediately – it will help convert more customers than any other platform and these topics are highly popular on this women-dominated website.

7. Women check out brand social media pages more than men.
As well as being more active on Pinterest, women are also more likely to engage with your page than men. Will this change what you post or how you set up your profile?

8. 55% of consumers share purchases on social networks.
When over half of consumers share purchases online, are you using this to your advantage? Test out asking customers to tag you or use a certain hashtag when they post about their purchase – or try searching for what people are saying about you already. You will be able to hear what people really think or have some great customer created content to share with your fans.

9. 43% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it on social media.
Social media is not a channel to underestimate – by investing into social media you can help build your company’s profits.

Help your business grow today with social media. It can help you avoid PR disasters, reach new customers, improve your customer relations and increase your profits.

By Annabelle Spender of Lillyringlet.