by Sonny Cutting

Gamification is a rapidly growing method of adding value to a business and its services. It’s functional, fresh and fun. However it’s not – as some people believe – simply adding games to business, it’s much more than that. It is, in fact, the process of using game-style mechanics to improve and enhance a current business experience. By applying game mechanics to ‘nongame’ company processes, you are adding a whole extra layer to your business and making it stand out from the competition. This is precisely what we’ve done at Net XP.

Our ethos has always been imbued with a want to engage and support our customers, and we’re able to more effectively achieve this through our gamification process. In recent years we’ve added interactive quizzing to our website, in turn building a strong relationship with our visitors and exhibitors prior to our shows, encouraging them to return to the site regularly. Additionally, our various sports-themed Virtual Reality headset challenges provide a fun outlet and conversation starter at our events and are always well received. But just how does gamification work?

Using data-driven techniques, gamification offers companies the chance to optimise their service offers and build stronger relationships with potential customers and clients. They can use incentivised rewards schemes and challenges to entice their target audiences to continue to connect with their brand and its services. This is a benefit for the customer, as they are receiving a dedicated service that is also rewarding.

Incentives that can be offered through the gamification process – for example, prize giving for getting involved with interactive elements of an exhibition stand – provide a win for both sides of the business experience. By motivating a user with mechanics like points systems, leaderboards and rewards you are giving them tangible achievements that they can use with your company while building their loyalty to your brand by tapping into a person’s competitive nature and making them want to come back again and again.

Gamification also helps in measuring customer behaviour in many ways. Being able to collate and report on the data received through gamification input is undeniably helpful in shaping any decisions the company may have to make with services, products and general business practice in the future.

With more businesses choosing to adopt this method into their strategies each year, now is the perfect time to trial gamification, and bring a touch of fun to your service!