Google opens 'Digital Garage' For Small Businesses / 18th October 2016

by Sonny Cutting

Google’s recent venture, the Digital Garage on Tour is designed to support, advise and help businesses of any level of experience within the market – from utter technophobes (you know who you are!) through to those with a solid understanding of website and online marketing. They will give you the tools and the skillset to reach new customers online, show how you can rank better with good optimisation and help you to understand why Google Analytics is key to your marketing plan.

Internet giant Google opens 'Digital Garage' For Small Businesses

Digital leader and business idol, Google, has once again, extended their arms to businesses nationwide. By creating a new marketing program, they are helping Britain’s small businesses grow and develop through access to digital experts by way of trainers for seminars and workshops across the country. Net XP Sussex is proud to announce that they have managed to secure the Digital Garage for their biggest event yet on the 16th of March 2017.

Held in the grounds of the prestigious East Sussex National, the Net XP Tradeshow will be welcoming Google to the already eclectic mix of exhibitors and keynote speakers for a fantastic day of networking and casino themed fun, to create a positive and engaging atmosphere and enable businesses to build relationships and gain contacts. Not only will there be games and prizes on offer but there will be dynamic and experienced speakers, who live, breathe and talk marketing. Experts from Google will run seminars throughout the day that offer small businesses the chance to learn the crucial skills that show how the Internet is a perfect platform for growth.

Google themselves were once a small business too, starting as the brainchild of two young twenty-something year olds in 1995. Larry Page and Sergey Brin met by chance at Stanford after Sergey was assigned to show him around, a year later and the pair started to work towards a million-dollar goal… The two PHD students wanted to sell their Google Search idea for $1 million, yet lucky for maybe everyone, no one wanted to buy!

Twenty years on and after a wrongly made out cheque forced the pair to rename their business – originally Googol - Google is the giant it is today. Their  history is impressive, but serves as a reminder to all small businesses that it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is possible to make it big! In fact, Google’s beginnings were so short on funds that to save money, the founders used Lego to make a storage rack that held ten 40gb hard disks; yet look at them today.

Google, The Digital Garage with Net XP Sussex
All these tricks of the trade coupled with the opportunity to make contacts with over 70 different exhibitors ensures the Net XP tradeshow is unmissable.

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