Case Study 3, Mid Sussex Expo 2017: Merranti Recruitment

by Sonny Cutting

Merranti Recruitment forms part of the Merranti Group. The Group was originally founded by Jason Fudge and started as a consulting business. Over the past five years they have expanded to offer further business-to-business services such as; Accounting and Recruitment. Recruitment founder Clair Reilly has over 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, with 10 of those years including the Print and Packaging industry. With this wealth of knowledge, the goal for Clair’s business is to be the leader for Recruitment in the Print and Packaging sector..

How does Merranti Recruitment stand out from the crowd?
In a competitive market of recruitment, and with stigma ever present in the industry, Merranti pursues a rigorous, face to face interview process. They do this with every applicant that is going for a job placement as they want to ensure that the candidate that they place into a role fits with the client’s exact requirements and priorities. It is this attention to detail that makes Merranti Recruitment the best option for companies seeking the new people with the right skills to fit their team. Merranti Recruitment aim to help businesses find the right candidate and help them make informed decisions.

Since starting the business, when Clair took the leap of faith after taking redundancy from her previous job, it has gone from strength to strength. From then on, she has placed countless candidates into long-term employment – which according to Clair, gives her enormous job satisfaction. Clair herself has also learnt a lot; when asked what she has learnt throughout her time with Merranti Recruitment, her response was ‘to not take yourself seriously’ which has resulted in a company ethos that has been adopted by her like-minded team. In line with this question, she also notes that if she were to have a superpower, it would be to freeze time so she and her team could get more done!

Clair’s experience and dedication has meant Merranti Recruitment has grown into a company that businesses can trust to do the job. Her inspirational way of leading her company has encouraged staff to follow suit creating an attitude to be admired. The greatest piece of advice Clair has in her repertoire to give to businesses either starting up, or successful already is to have realistic expectations. By this, she doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream of success but have expectations in a firm reality check to achieve goals and not be disappointed.

Merranti Recruitment and Network Xpress’ relationship blossomed from a chance encounter at Effingham Park Country Club at the South of England Business Show in 2016. It was here Sonny explained the unique concept of games at expos, and thus the partnership began. Since then Merranti Recruitment has joined Net XP on their tradeshow journey at both Uckfield and Burgess Hill Expos, where they were also joined by Merranti Accounting, and the relationship continues to improve.