Case Study - BBA Couriers

by Sonny Cutting

Success Stories - BBA Couriers

The ultimate dream of Network Xpress is to empower businesses and share in their successes. BBA Couriers is one of those success stories that have emerged from the collaboration of the expos and Net XP.

BBA Couriers were one of Net XP’s Customer Experience Award winners earlier this year, and after presenting them with the highly-esteemed award, the prize and free publicity across our website and social media, we got chatting about what else we could do with them as a company.

One of Net XP’s clients, Brighton Cakes, had been let down by a courier company, so Sonny put BBA Couriers forward and after an initial chat about what Fay of Brighton Cakes required, they started working together; a match made in heaven. Part one of the BBA Courier success story complete… but this was just the beginning.

After a call initially discussing social media management and SEO, Sonny learnt from James at BBA Courier they required a new software system to replace his aging software with an upgrade. Straight off, Sonny recommended Mark from Open File UK, as he was an IT genius, and if anyone knew how to build a bespoke system, he would.

James and Mark met up, exchanged ideas and now they’re working together on a custom software project to help streamline the BBA Courier systems. Part two of BBA’s success story complete…

It is not to say this is where the journey ends; far from it, Net XP continues in its endeavour to connect customers and businesses across the regions. Ultimately had BBA Couriers not won the Customer Experience Award, the success story may never have panned out, as the business was not on Net XP’s radar. The real buzz is from the hearing about the local success stories of collaboration and helping with connecting different types of companies in different industries, knowing it makes the world of difference.