Customer Experience Awards, Mid Sussex Expo 2018

by Sonny Cutting

Customer Experience Finalists, Mid Sussex Expo 2018

For the first time ever in its history, Net XP has decided to reveal the finalists of the Customer Experience award ahead of each event, starting with the final expo of 2018 - the Mid Sussex Expo.

Previously the announcement has been made within the busy expo hall, and Sonny has decided that the finalists deserve more recognition! This new process will enable highlighting and shouting about the big six finalists in the lead up to the event to maximise publicity for these businesses.

The 6 finalists will have battled for their place, with over 90 companies in the mix. They will all have been called by Insight6, a customer excellence company, specialising in customer service, mystery shopping calls and a whole host of other customer experience services. For the Mid Sussex Expo’s award, we graded local businesses from 1 – 5 as a score: 1 being poor, 2 rated ok, 3 rated fair, 4 rated very good and 5 rated awesome.

The customer experience award came about when Sonny resigned from BT and wanted to have customer service at the core of his business. The focus on the customer would add value to not just his organisation, but to the personal lives of people too; providing a fantastic service that goes above and beyond, that really does make all the difference.

This year's finalists are Brighton Cakes, LawEasier, Hunters Estate Agents, Fine Marketing, Blackman Terry and Ditzy Media.
The 6 finalists were all called within the last few weeks and none of them knew they were being contacted by the mystery shopper – even Net XP got a call! Net XP rated a 4, which shows we still have work to do, but we take it as a positive for the room to improve and to show we are striving for that magic score of 5! As a brand, we make the data available to any exhibitor and business who has been contacted by our mystery shopping partners if they wish to see how well they did, or if there are areas of the business they need to improve.

The Customer Experience Award is not designed to highlight the negative, but as a positive to showcase the best of the best at our show and provide people with shining examples. We only offer the Customer Experience Awards at the expos, with three awards available at each one: Winner, Runner Up and a Special Mention. The previous expo Customer Experience Award winners were Acumen Business Law, the runner-up was Kreston Reeves with Sussex Local getting a special mention.

All finalists from now on will be recognised on social media and given shout-outs before the expo, and, of course, collect their prize with a presentation at the exhibition towards the end of the day.

This year's finalists are Brighton Cakes, LawEasier, Hunters Estate Agents, Fine Marketing, Blackman Terry and Ditzy Media.

Congratulations and good luck to all!