To Blog or Not To Blog

by Darren Moat

“Why aren’t I getting any followers or comments?” “How often should I blog?” “What should I blog about?” are all questions I’m frequently asked and with so much pressure on SMEs to deliver regular, valuable content it’s not hard to understand why. Here are some fundamental blogging tips that you can use for your own business. So if you’ve got a blog that’s lost (or perhaps never had) momentum or are just not sure how or if to get started, here are 5 basic principles that you might want to keep in mind.

1. Be realistic about how often you can find the time to blog and stick to it. There’s no point posting every day only to find that after a month, you just can’t keep the pace. And remember it’s not just the writing that takes time, it’s also research, promotion and responding to comments which you have to factor into your already busy day too.

2. Plan your blog content carefully. The chances are there is already a lot of information out there about your chosen topic. You need to make sure you give your readers something they want or need to know, something which will somehow enhance their day, not something that just adds to the noise.

3. In planning your content, find your own unique niche or angle. Perhaps you’re a nutritionist who has a love of giant dogs or a fitness instructor with a diabetic son. Can you combine these strengths and this knowledge to produce something innovative, interesting and consistent with you.

4. Don’t make your blog posts too long. Remember we all have limited time and busy lives so 300-400 words should do it nicely.

5. Remember your tone and your keywords. If it’s a business blog it probably needs to be different in tone and style than a personal one. But don’t make it too hard sell either, your blog is about engagement and building relationships (although don’t forget to link it to where you want people to go).

Blogs can take a huge amount of time, effort and skill to plan, research and write effectively and they certainly shouldn’t be viewed as compulsory. But they can also be great fun and hugely effective in terms of engagement, it’s just all about what’s right for you and your readers. Happy blogging.

By Lucy Pitts of Strood Copy.