The Net XP grand B2B, casino themed event / March 16th 2017

by Sonny Cutting

What. A. Day!

The Net XP grand B2B, casino themed event, held at the majestic East Sussex National was flush with success. With a green tartan kilt and a beard to put Dumbledore to shame, after three times of ‘Good morning everyone’, compere extraordinaire Greg Draven woke up bleary eyed exhibitors, gripping their lifeline of coffee to fuel their day ahead.

Immediately afterwards we had Shea Bennett, Head of Digital Marketing at Identity Group take to the stage, with an interesting focus on mobiles and some fascinating facts about social media, answering questions and giving top tips, such as, 9pm-10pm is a great time to post, as it is when people take that one last scroll on Facebook!

Net XP was off to a spinning start, with people mingling easily, mugs of energy a common denominator after people’s early starts from across the region. The electric vibe only built throughout the day as people started to relax in the fun atmosphere, with engaging speakers to discuss and a great range of exhibitors too.

Added bonuses were revealed in a timely fashion, to keep people guessing; prizes for the best stands were awarded to the ingenious Operational Accounting Systems Limited and Cleankill UK, a magician roamed the room leaving people gobsmacked, the opportunity to win a fabulous creation by Brighton Cakes was jumped upon by many in a raffle draw, and a roulette wheel in the main event hall gave many the chance to win prizes.

Upon speaking to guests, the hall felt warm, and smiles on faces didn’t falter. Connections were made, and people left safe in the knowledge that the relationships were just beginning.

Rounding off the day was the wonderful Sam Knowles, from Insight Agents who gave us an interesting insight into business storytelling.

Don’t fret if you missed this one though, for Net XP is running another event in September 2017, with a wonderfully wacky golfing theme to make you smile! Check out our website for more information.

We would also like to thank all of our guests, exhibitors and sponsors for making this event a great success.