Chamber Partners

by Sonny Cutting

Chamber Partners

We pride ourselves on our ability to connect businesses with each other, if we didn’t then we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves ‘Network’ Xpress! We’ve spent a number of years now building up a reputation as a pro-active networking events company and much of our wider branch of support comes from belonging to a range of Chambers within the local area.

Chambers of Commerce are often the backbone of any successful local or regional business community, and we always relish the opportunity to collaborate with these associations. The specific Chambers that Net XP work with are:

We strongly recommend to our connections that they reach out to their local Chambers for support and take advantage of the many excellent benefits they provide to their members. So much so that we’re working in partnership with these brilliant Chambers to offer 15% discounts to any current member of the above Chambers, when booking an exhibitor stand with Net XP.

One of the most significant benefits of joining Chambers of commerce is their level of representation and access to government officials. Being a part of a stronger, unified business voice that speaks on behalf of the community to local councils and elected officials is a crucial opportunity that ensures that the businesses in your area are being recognised and heard at a policy-making level.

Another benefit to joining these Chambers is the networking available through them. Many events are scheduled throughout the year that allows members to get to know each other and create some lasting business partnerships. On top of the physical networking, most chambers now have an online directory, which if featured on, helps to not only get your brand seen by a wider number of businesses but also reinforces your own website’s online presence.

Many of these Chambers will offer members preferential rates for advertisements or sponsorships in a variety of publications they produce or events they hold, further allowing you to reach a wider audience, whilst aligning yourself with a trusted pillar of the business community.

Furthermore, for any business looking to expand, they can be a fantastic resource to utilise, as a way of connecting with new regions you’re aiming to extend your business to. So whatever your business’s circumstance, why not head to your local Chambers website and find out more!