Puzzles and Competitions

by Sonny Cutting

Games; we’ve all played them as children. Here at Net XP, we don’t see why the fun has to stop just because we grow up. Our game plan goes above and beyond, rolling out game themed expos and conferences which allow exhibitors and guests alike to immerse themselves in an experience they won’t forget.

Gamification is applying the fundamentals and notions of certain games into non-game situations or contexts. It has the benefits of encouraging participation and engagement and improving efficiency and productivity; all vital components of a successful business. The game process is used in several different ways and is easily noticed in today’s market by way of games and videos to augmented advertising.

Net XP GamesGamification is widely used in marketing, market research and quantifiable sales processes including areas such as health, business, education, and technology amongst others. Gamification can be used in an infinite amount of ways to engage users to play have fun and utilise this huge connection process.

The Net XP site utilises the game themed process by way of quizzes, competitions, puzzles, and missing word rounds, rewarding users with points and prizes by way of a fun and challenging auto engagement program.

We've had casino quizzes, pool tournaments, and golf championships, all themed to get businesses talking and connecting. Next time, we're stepping out of the themed game plan and doing one on the mighty Google. That's what we love about gamification, you don't have to use just one process, you can offer an infinite amount of possibilities to engage and have fun. We may even have a Star Wars theme one day… ‘May the Net XP be with you, always!’

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