The Tiger's Pen - Enter the Lair if you Dare!

The Tiger's Pen

Six new start-ups lacking investment and funding can win up to £5000 investment, and invaluable business mentorship. 

They will pitch their business idea to five business experts in the lair who eagerly anticipate what is brought to the table. Our six business tigers, who have truly earnt their stripes have been handpicked for their expertise, their eagle eye, and a striking sixth sense for what is a golden opportunity.

The fierce, Emma Pearce of Pearce Marketing, Simon Rand of Newtryx, Kevin Bryne (ex CEO of Checkatrade) and Matt Turner of the Creative Group.

Net XP looks for ways to keep you roaring and is excited to see how you get on in the Tiger’s Pen. Bring your A-Game with your best smile, believe in yourself and get pitching - ENTER THE LAIR, IF YOU DARE! 

Be brave and meet the Tigers at a Net XP Tradeshow near you.

Our investors for 2020 are below!


Any business deal agreed on the day is an unwritten agreement that depends on due diligence checks, and relies on the intergrity of both investor and the startup to freely enter the transaction and be fully committed to seeing it through. However, the deal is solely between the Tiger and the startup and after additional meetings, if an agreement cannot be reached, neither party is legally obliged to complete the deal.

Network Xpress Ltd / The Tiger's Pen remains impartial, as they cannot be involved in the business contract between the two sides.


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