Top 10 Tips for Tradeshow Success. Don't go alone!

Top 10 Tips for Tradeshow Success

For small business owners, preparing for a trade show or exhibition can be a very daunting experience. Here are a few ideas and concepts to employ at your next exhibition for the smoothest expo possible…

1 – Have an assistant... Never go to a tradeshow alone, you may want to wander off, have lunch, go networking or listen to a keynote speaker, and this can be difficult with no-one to watch your stand. More to the point, having a smiling sidekick (though they might not like the label!) to jump in when your stand attracts more than one guest at once will make sure no one feels ignored and gives you the time you need.

2 – Add games... Whether a quiz, puzzle, trivia or other, games will make your BRAND stand out and attract that footfall.

3 – Get the look... Level the playing field at an event. Make your message clear and use bright colours to attract people. You could be a small brand, but making a lasting impression really counts at an exhibition as it's the first thing that people remember! Be creative.

4 – Sponsor the event... Most events have several sponsors, so become one and get your brand showcased across all of the marketing and advertising services that the event offers.

5 – Videos and slideshows... People love to watch videos, watch slides and experience a visual feast, so make sure you've got a laptop, tablet or VR system to showcase what you do.

6 – Food goodies are always a BIG hit… Cupcakes are very cost-effective, and once you add your logo, you've got a fantastic edible gift for each person that visits your booth.

7 – Welcome your visitors… Always smile when you meet someone, don't be grouchy as first impressions last, along with this, try opening with ‘how will your business benefit my business?’, which will inevitably lead to a mutually beneficial conversation.

8 – Choose your tradeshow space wisely… Many businesses like to book early so that they can choose the best traffic position. This has a lot of benefits, but you can also book in a little later to make sure you’re not next to a competitor. Choose the position carefully, you’re there all day!

9 – A bowl of sweets is NOT an enticer... Think more creatively and make people want to stop and talk to you. Offer something different; a raffle for a Spa Day, or Afternoon Tea for Two etc!

10 – Always take your own tablecloth… If you can make it the same colour as your logo, even better, first impressions do really count, and you want your brand to stand out at expos.

Written by Sonny Cutting, Events Director, Network Xpress

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