Ardingly / Lunch Menu


Chef’s choice of classic sandwiches served on a variety of sliced tin loaves:
crusty white bloomer or malthouse granary bloomer (1 round per person)
Including meat, fish and vegetarian fillings

Served with:

Kettle chips (variety of flavours)
A piece of whole fruit e.g. apple, banana, Satsuma
Bottle of still or sparkling water (500ml)

Please request Gluten Free Lunch if required!

Option 1 – Scottish smoked salmon with seasoned cream cheese and flavored with lemon juice. (Fish)

Option 2 – Houmous and roasted peppers with spinach (Vegan)

Option 3 – Chicken and crispy bacon with seasoned mayo (no dairy)

Option 4 - Gluten free Chicken salad (gluten free option)

Download PDF Exhibitor List to Check Stand Number

1 Lunchbox is provided per stand (If you have been offered a free stand or a contra deal for a stand this does not include a free lunch) If you require additional lunchboxes these are £7.50 each.

If you do not wish to pre-book then you may use the Food Court Area in the exhibition centre on the day, but this is not included in your lunch allocation.

Please state option 1, 2, 3 or 4 when ordering to avoid any confusion, along with your stand number and company name on the order form for your lunch. Please also add into the ordering notes if you require a Gluten Free.

Please use this ordering form to inform the catering team what you would like.

Orders cannot be changed once booked as made to order.

Lunchboxes will be delivered by Graysons Restaurants on the day.