2x1m Stand Space
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1 Social Shoutout
Directory Listing
FREE Exhibition Wifi
Exhibitor Name Badges
1m table and 1 chair


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2x2m Stand Space
Small Booth Size

Online OR Offline Expo
2 Social Media Shoutouts
FREE Exhibition Wifi
Exhibitor Name Badges
1.8m table and 1 chair


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3x2m Stand Space
Medium Booth Size

Online OR Offline Expo
6 Social Media Shoutouts
FREE Exhibition Wifi
Exhibitor Name Badges
1.8m table and 2 chairs


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4x2m Stand Space
Large Booth Size

Online OR Offline Expo
10 Social Media Shoutouts
FREE Exhibition Wifi
Exhibitor Name Badges
1.8m table and 2 chairs


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Running an event involves a lot of prior planning to ensure you get it right on the day. This is no truer than with exhibitions. There’s a whole host of factors to cover, including (but not limited to): keynote speakers, choice of venue, catering provisions, event dates & exhibition literature. And what’s more is the organisers also have to put the time into source the right kind of quality exhibitors for the events, as well as then promote it to potential visitors, all months in advance of the exhibition or conference.

That’s why finding suitable event sponsors can be absolutely integral to the success of an event. It’s important to secure the backing of a number of stellar and trusted businesses within the local community, in order to really build the profile of the exhibition and help it on its way to success. Furthermore, sponsoring business events holds massive benefits not only for the exhibition organisers but also for the sponsors themselves, and Net XP is now tendering. Click Read More!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are incredibly powerful before, during and after the Net XP Sussex event and in conjunction with a stand at the exhibition, your company will experience superb exposure.

All sponsors receive ad space in the digital business expo program, website, pop-ups & social media. (Media, Print and Event Sponsors are given exclusive stand space and special advertising). Please contact us by using the form below Quick Contact or calling 01273 833 222.

Premier Sponsorship Benefits Include:
- Logo in the pre-event marketing materials
- Logo recognition on the main presentation screen prior to each announcement
- Company Logo displayed on newsletters and email marketing campaigns
- Acknowledgements on social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
- Headline promotions on Net XP main website and App once it's developed for 2021.

Sponsorship Event information:
- Exhibitor stands which offer a professional blend of directors and entrepreneurs
- Keynote speakers from across the region who live and breath for marketing
- Business guests attending events from East, West and Mid Sussex
- Specifically themed which makes for a fun, dynamic business marketing days
- Special themed tournaments and games for maximum fun with prizes

Net XP Sponsorship Services:
- Media sponsor, Event sponsor, Print Sponsor, Tiger's Pen Sponsor and Partner sponsors for T' Shirt, Lanyard Badge, Keynote and Refreshments.

To find out more about our SPONSORSHIP opportunities. Follow this LINK.

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