Our Trade Shows

Supporting business owners in all aspects of business marketing tradeshows.

Net XP Hurst - August 2015Trade shows are an important and reliable platform for delivering business leads to your company. It levels the playing field when you're exhibiting alongside other larger organisations with equal opportunity for successs. The whole point of trade shows is to give your prospective clients, partners or customers a chance to get a good look at the new offerings in the market place. 

Trade shows are the source of some of the best quality leads of a business and numerous companies still follow the practice of exhibiting at trade shows year after year.

Our events this year have been a huge success, and provided great feedback allowing us to improve our service and offer an even higher standard at future events.

In the past businesses from all over Sussex and from every spectre of trade have exhibited with us, including independent travel agents, graphic designers, copywriters, video editors, chocolatiers, accountants, solicitors, charities and more.

Net XP's events are a new idea in business networking, where both fun and work are not only attainable, but encouraged.

Network Xpress; the right platform for business success.