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At Network Xpress we understand that you may not have the time to head up your own Event and IT infrastructure. You are probably busy with other aspects of your business which you are more skilled in and more passionate about. IT (Information Technology) can be very time-consuming, and we are here to refer you to one of our business partners to help with your tech!

eventsupportWe've worked with our business partners before, so they'll get to know your business, as well as yourself, and find the best way to support your brand. This will differ from business to business, and we will put together a package that can effectively reach out to your target audience.

There is no point in buying hardware and servers for an office if staff are going to work remotely from their homes or co-working spaces, so we will not waste time and money, only reaching out to those who may potentially buy from you, and as we work with such a wide range of eventing and technology businesses across many different events in East, West and Mid Sussex, we should be able to make the right recommendation to you.

If you require an Event Planner - We have the perfect person to support you!

If you want an IT Specialist - Just call us and we'll make the introductions.

If you're in need of Software Support or Cloud Computing - We work with a great company.

If you would like a VoIP Service, Computer Repair or On-Demand IT  - We've partnered a few pros.

We work in a strategic technology partnership with four companies to support your business across the local area.

Just call us if you require our help with Event and IT Services on 01273 833 222.

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