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The founder of Net XP, Sonny Cutting, was always intrigued by the BBC programme Dragons’ Den, watching in anticipation to see how the process unfolded for its participants. Sonny was thrilled to be invited by Pete Jenkins, creator of Gamification+, to be a ‘Dragon’, alongside several other business individuals at Brighton University where graduates would pitch business plans in the hope for investment and guidance from some individuals with experience to share.

Later whilst walking with his children, an epiphany hit Sonny. With an orange brand already, a love for tigers and enjoyment of Dragons’ Den, a fizz of something being created became a spark and Sonny had a eureka moment creating the Tiger’s Pen. A multitude of obstacles was overcome in order to bring the ‘Pen’ to fruition including, but not limited to, setting up branding, finding investors, sponsors and candidates etc.

candidatesThe Tiger’s Pen was designed for start-ups looking for investment, and some Tigers to guide, advise and invest. Thus far, The Tiger’s Pen has helped six businesses flourish to meet their full capacity. This year, investment is increasing with up to a staggering capital of £5,000 available for start-ups who pitch their ideas. This opportunity is for incredible energetic entrepreneurs to take the reins of their business. The jungle is alive with fresh prospects and with new investor Tigers requesting to join, keep your ears peeled for their roars.

A few investors that have joined us for 2020 include Julia Haviland of Brittain Marketing, Simon Rand of Kuuleats, Emma Pearce of Pearce Marketing, Matt Turner of the Creative Group and Kevin Byrne, the founder of Checkatrade.

With everything falling into place for the Tiger’s Pen in early 2020, more amazing news was to follow with the announcement of Net XP being accepted by the IPO (Intellectual Property Office) which has the brand now registered and protected. Basepoint Business Centres became the exclusive Sponsor for 2020 giving Net XP a huge boost for the rip-roaring year ahead! Basepoint offers free business support and flexible workspaces with the latest technology for all sizes and budgets. They offer free Wifi, 24/7 access, onsite support and networking.

Contact: Sonny Cutting, Events Director at Network Xpress for your chance to Enter the Pen on 01273 833 222.

Any business deal agreed on the day is an unwritten agreement that depends on due diligence checks, and relies on the intergrity of both investor and the startup to freely enter the transaction and be fully committed to seeing it through. However, the deal is solely between the Tiger and the entrepreneur and after additional meetings, if an agreement cannot be reached, neither party is legally obliged to complete the deal.

Network Xpress Ltd / The Tiger's Pen remains impartial, as they cannot be involved in the business contract between the two sides.


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