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If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Network Xpress, Net XP is a tradeshow and conferencing business which organises B2B Expos for small to medium enterprise companies across East and West Sussex. As a tradeshow, it is here to offer your business the opportunity to network with 60 other exhibitors, gain a wealth of information, advice, and guidance on your business growth and give you access to a free business exhibition whilst delivering an excellent service which is brilliantly fun for every business! You can also find out about the team of Net XP on the About Us link.

Exhibitions enable you to meet the people that matter to your business in one place, including existing customers, prospects & suppliers.

Beyond its buzzword credentials, gamification has earned its place as a powerful business principle, transforming a range of sectors from fitness to military recruitment. Introducing game elements into a non-game setting works by triggering powerful human emotions such as intrigue, competitiveness, and excitement. New ways of applying this simple but effective methodology are continually being found and business networking is just one of the many fields that could benefit. Net XP is exploring how we bring gamification into the brand.

We recommend that you register in advance as this allows the event organisers to estimate how many visitors are planning to attend on the day.

Expos are held in high quality establishments across East, West and Mid Sussex.

Our stand spaces are very cost effective, starting from as little as £250+VAT for a 2 x 1 metre stand space. Call us for more information on 01273 833 222.

The tradeshow from 10.00am - 3.00pm is free. The Early Bird Speakers Breakfast is £12+VAT per person as you get a lite breakfast, fruit, bacon rolls, pastries, and a tea or coffee, you also get to listen to 3 successful entrepreneurs with a business marketing background.

Network Xpress offers a fun theme of a game for event days. Exhibitors and guests can play games to win prizes as well as network. Previous games have included Golf, Billiards, Football, Tenpin Bowling and Tennis. You can also go on the Net XP website and take quizzes for a bit of fun.

Net XP works in open collaboration with a community of quality business owners and local organisations, working together in a freelance capacity to help raise awareness of each other's brands and to promote Network Xpress across Sussex as the premier business events company. Brand Ambassadors also get great perks and privileges. 

The schedule for Net XP events is to have fun whilst networking. Our annual expo offers you access to 60+ exhibitors, speakers, and game-themed events. Network Xpress is a tech-heavy events company using VR, Bluetooth and the latest technology at events to entice, amaze and ferociously make them fun.

Network Xpress’ work with these charities to provide the foundations of business giving back to the community. Not only do we aim to inspire and help local businesses grow and develop and forge connections with one another in a fun, different environment, encouraging a different mindset but we want businesses to realise we all have to help each other in order to progress and so will continue to support such valuable charities across the regions. Demelza, Chestnut Tree House, Kangeroos Sussex and Rockinghorse.

The best way to inquire about sponsorship packages is to contact the Events Director, Sonny Cutting, he can be contacted on 01273 833 222 or by emailing him through the contact page. Network Xpress has 4 premier sponsors and four partner sponsors. Pricing starts from £395+VAT per event. Most of the Net XP sponsors sign up for a full 12 months sponsorship as this gives the brands fantastic exposure on the website, social media and across networking hubs. You can find out the basics for sponsorship by clicking this link.

Network Xpress is creating a brand new website for its new directory. Anyone can visit the new site, but only exhibitors can get a FREE business directory listing. The site is on its own domain as to keep the SEO in check on the main Net XP site. 

We strive for excellence, delivering our services to a wide range of industry areas, this is no more important than with our professional App design. As such we're tendering this out for 2019 to work with a company in Sussex who can deliver a cost-effective, fun and exciting app development. Is this you? Contact the Events Director on 01273 833 222.